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2012 Ride Archive

Tour of West TownTour of West Town
Done in partnership with and proceeds to benefit West Town Bikes
Saturday December 8, 2012 at 11:00 AM
At West Town Bikes at 2459 W Division in Chicago

Each year, I hold, organize or co-host some type of benefit for West Town Bikes. I think they are a city treasure. I am constantly awed by their many programs and efforts to promote bicycling and improve their corner of the city. Their ongoing efforts regularly provide a multitude of opportunities for the young people in their neighborhood first and foremost, but all Chicago cyclists as well. They are believers in the bike as a solution to many problems and the urban setting as an ideal landscape to pursue cycling as a solution. I am constantly inspired by Alex Wilson and West Town Bikes and each year I like to see what can be done to assist them with their mission, while doing what I do. This year, I am donating all of the proceeds for the tour and poster sales for the ride and there is also an opportunity to donate even if you are not coming.

The “There in Spirit” ticket means you don’t intend to ride, just to support West Town Bikes. You can enter multiple numbers if you want to increase your support in increments of $9, the cost of the ride. The ride itself is a beaut and a great opportunity to get to know the neighborhoods of West Town like Wicker Park, Ukrainian Village, Noble Square and Humboldt Park.

West Town, Community Area #24 sits 3 miles northwest of The Loop. As with many Chicago communities, there is a West Town neighborhood and Community Area, and the two have different borders. The Community Area also contains neighborhoods like Wicker Park, Noble Square, part of Humboldt Park and Ukrainian Village amongst others. Unless you happened to be in the neighborhood of West Town, it is doubtful that any resident of the neighborhoods would identify themselves as being from the Community Area, as this is far more an area defined by its neighborhoods.

The built environment in West Town is second to none and the challenge of a tour such as this is drilling down to the essentials when there are so many splendid examples of things to see and a good supply of parks, murals and neighborhood features beyond the architectural goodies.

Plus, your participation will help support the programs and mission of West Town Bikes, an iconic, loved and worthy Chicago institution. You can also buy three different Ross Felten poster designs from past West Town tours individually or all together and all proceeds will be donated directly to West Town Bikes. I hope we see some of you there, and many of you pulling together to give a spot of help to a worthy cause….West Town Bikes.

There in Spirit $9 donation to West Town Bikes

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Tour of Lincoln SquareTour of Lincoln Square
Saturday November 17, 2012 at 11:00 AM
River Park at 5100 N Francisco in Chicago

Chicago Community Area #4 sits 7 miles northwest of the loop. The community area was a construct of a 1920s University of Chicago project to categorize different areas of the city, but it is also a neighborhood within the community area, as are Ravenswood, Bowmanville, Budlong Woods and Ravenswood Manor. Previously this entire area was known as Ravenswood, and many residents still think of it that way. Formerly a farming community for celery and pickles, the area developed as the transportation access to the area increased. Families used to cart their goods to the city along Little Fort Road, today's Lincoln Avenue. In the 1890s, street cars created a new wave of development. In the 1900s, it was the Ravenswood elevated line and it spurred even more development. Utilizing the river and developing an industrial corridor on its banks was a further boom leading into the Great Depression. The area is filled with wonderful examples of bungalows, brick-flats, courtyard apartments and various Victorian houses and a number of requisite works by Clarence Hatzfeld, Dwight Perkins and Louis Sullivan.

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Tour of UptownTour of Uptown
Saturday November 3 at 11:00 AM
Chase Park at 4701 N Ashland in Chicago

Uptown, Chicago Community Area #5 sits 6 miles directly north of the Loop. Uptown can boast of a rich history that is equal parts ritzy and ragged. The community has thrived during the glory of the jazz age and suffered mightily during the Great Depression. Uptown was once the hub of the early American Movie industry. Its ornate theaters, grand ballrooms, nightclubs, apartment buildings, mansions and central commercial district are amongst the finest architectural masterpieces in the city. Come join us for a revamped Tour of Uptown.

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Tour of LakeviewTour of Lakeview
Saturday October 13, 2012 at 11:00 AM
Lakeview School Park at 4055 N Greenview Ave in Chicago

Lake View, Community Area #6 sits 4 miles north of Chicago's Loop. Once a trail path for a number of North American Indian tribes including the Miami, Ottowa and Winnebago, the area was eventually settled by European immigrants who farmed celery, flowers and other crops on the land. In its history, Lake View has been a village, a township, a Chicago suburb, its own city, and eventually a community area of Chicago. The area is also home to a variety of architecturally impressive buildings and homes. Comprised of neighborhoods such as Wrigleyville, Lakeview, and East Lakeview, the area is home to numerous national and city landmarks, and several landmark districts. This combined with an interesting history provide the backdrop for a wonderful bike ride. Won't you join us?

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Tour of Oak Park Tour of Oak Park
In Cooperation with the BBC (British Bicycles of Chicago)
Saturday October 6 at 11:00 AM

At Scoville Park at the corner of Oak Park and Lake Street just south of the Fountain in Oak Park

For six years, I have lead tours through over 25 different communities out of Chicago's 77 different community areas, growing in number each year. One of the most frequent questions I receive is when was I going to do a suburban tour? The simple answer is: October 6, 2012 at 11:00 AM

I am proud to partner with the BBC (British Bicycles of Chicago) to bring you an architectural and historical bike tour of the Village of Oak Park, our first venture into the 'burbs, to be followed by one new suburb a year and the beginning of their rotation in the overall tour schedule.

With a population of over 50,000, it is one of the largest municipalities in the state. It is the perfect suburb for architecture fans. It boasts the largest concentration of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings anywhere in the world, as well as a stunning array of Prairie School buildings and wonderful Victorians from other architecture luminaries such as E. E. Roberts, Charles White Jr., John Van Bergen, Tallmadge and Watson, and George Maher. The village boasts one of the most densely packed tours we have ever offered. None of it would have been possible without the help of Garth Katner of the BBC and without our inspiration from Philander Barclay, a bike repair shop owner who cycled the city taking photographs of the buildings and people of Oak Park and River Forest. First he began collecting photos in the 1880s and by 1902 started taking his own pictures, many of which are now in the collection of the Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest. He is the perfect muse for this venture.

See more here:

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Tour of Albany Park Tour of Albany Park
In cooperation with the Chicago Historic Bungalow Association
Saturday September 29, 2012 at 11:00 AM

At Gompers Park at the Samuel Gompers memorial at the southwest corner of Pulaski and Foster in Chicago

I am excited to partner with the Chicago Historic Bungalow Association in our bike Tour of Albany Park. Community Area #14, Albany Park sits 8 miles northwest of the Loop. Join us on a historical and architectural tour of the community to discover how it grew from rural farmland into a vibrant, urban neighborhood of sturdy brick Chicago bungalows that today is one of the most diverse in the United States. A ride through the streets and neighborhoods of Albany Park will also reveal exciting and unique commercial districts and well-planned and plentiful green space. This tour will be at a leisurely pace with frequent stops and break for refreshments after about 2 hours – cyclists can leave after the break or continue on the tour as they wish.

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Fall 2012 Schedule

EdgewaterTour of Lincoln Park
Saturday September 15 at 11:00 AM
Wrightwood Park at 2534 N Greenview in Chicago

Lincoln Park, Community Area 7 is 3 miles north of Chicago's Loop. It occupies what is now some of the most desirable real estate and wealthy sections of the city, but it was certainly not always this way. Stretching from North to Diversey and from the Lake to the River, Lincoln Park is the star of the north side communities, and the location of some of the cities greatest cultural icons like the Chicago History Museum. For our purposes, it offers a truly exceptional pallet of architectural finds with exquisite examples of nearly every Victorian Style, exceptional green space, a free 35 acre in-city zoo, lakefront trails and beaches and a virtual paradise in the city on what used to be largely cemetery land, or didn't exist until the landfill made it.

The tour will of course include a lovely ride through the park itself but perhaps of greater interest are visits to prominent works of Louis Sullivan, Dwight Perkins, Henry Ives Cobb, Solon Beman, Richard Schmidt, Howard Van Doren Shaw, Joseph Lyman Silsbee, Mies van de Rohe, David Adler and dozens of others as well as over a dozen sites on the Chicago Landmark List and/or National Register of Historic Places. It is a dizzying array of beautiful architecture and a built environment that grew up in the ashes and rubble of the Great Fire. Put aside your notions of what Lincoln Park is today and join us for a story of what it was, and how it came to be.

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EdgewaterTour of Avondale
Saturday August 18 at 11:00 AM
Brands Park at 3259 N Elston in Chicago, IL

Avondale, Chicago Community Area 21 sits 6 miles northwest of the Loop. Once part of a vast expanse of prairie, the installation of the Old Northwest Plank Road, today's Milwaukee Avenue, helped spur business and development and ushered in many years of prosperity. Avondale was annexed to Chicago in 1889 and grew rapidly as city improvements such as paved roads, electric street car lines and the Logan Elevated line contributed to a population that swelled to almost 50,000 by 1930. Due to an abundance of clay in the pits near the river, a brick industry developed and the working class residents built some of the most sturdy and beautiful examples of masonry construction in the city. As a result, the area is ripe with rich examples of architectural beauty.

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IntuitEccentric Roadside Art Ride II
Saturday August 4 at 1:00 PM
Warren Park, 6601 N Western in Chicago

$20 Non-Members, $15 Members, $5 Poster

Chicago Neighborhood Bike Tour and Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art team up again to present our second annual Eccentric Roadside Art Ride. On this tour we will focus on Chicago's far north side, treating riders to a variety of murals, sculptures, architectural curiosities, funky signage, yard art, whole-house-art and a wide variety of intriguing and outlandish artistic expression. Not necessarily all outsider art, but definitely all outside art. Come with us as we scour Uptown, Edgewater, Rogers Park and West Ridge for the funky, the crazy and the inspired art on the street.

Starting at Warren Park, the tour will meander through Rogers Park, Edgewater and Uptown, ending at end at Big Chicks, a proud supporter of Intuit, and home to a great collection of Outsider Art for a post-ride celebration, drinks, snacks and stories. Normal single ride tickets through Chicago Velo are not applicable for this ride, but multi-ride and subscription holders may ride for free.

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North CenterTour of North Center
Saturday July 14 at 11:00 AM
Revere Park at 2509 W. Irving Park Road in Chicago, IL

North Center, Chicago Community Area #5 sits 5 miles northwest of the Loop. Uncultivated and untamed until the end of the 19th century, North Center is now a vibrant and successful near-north side community prized for its historic homes and friendly neighborhood streets. The roots of the community's early days in Chicago were rooted in brickyards and light industry. Many of the residents were laborers that worked in the factories and clay pits on the banks of the North Branch of the Chicago River. Over the years, the area was transformed by the depression, the War, the postwar years and the forces of city dynamics. It is today home to several neighborhoods, the namesake North Center, Roscoe Village and St. Bens, each brimming with interesting architecture and character.

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LoopNight Tour of the Loop
Friday July 6, 2012 at 8:00 PM
Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park in Chicago, IL

This night tour of the Loop focuses on impressive features of the dark in the Downtown section of Chicago known as the Loop. Community Area #32, The Loop is bordered by Lake Michigan on the east, by the Chicago River on the north and west and by Roosevelt Road on the south, and within this small area exists dozens of national and city landmarks, and canyons of skyscrapers, set on top of double and triple leveled streets, intersected and sharing space with el trains. It is the seat of government for the city of Chicago and Cook County.

Unlike the free tour of the Loop (June 15), this ride will focus on the most impressive architectural elements of the area that stand out at night. We will take upper and lower streets, we will see lakefront and walls of vintage skyscrapers in the most concentrated area of landmark buildings in the world.

The ride is $10 at the start of the ride and you must wear a helmet and have front and rear lights to ride.

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LoopMini-Tour of the Loop
Thursday June 14 at 6:00 PM
Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park in Chicago, IL

Led by Lee Diamond of Chicago Neighborhood Bike Tours, join us for a free 2-hour mini-bike tour of the Loop. After work, grab your bike and pedal over to Buckingham Fountain to learn about some of Chicago's most notable historical landmarks and districts.

The tour will feature a 6 mile trek with narrated stops about the Downtown section of Chicago known as the Loop. Community Area #32, The Loop is bordered by Lake Michigan on the east, by the Chicago River on the north and west and by Roosevelt Road on the south, and within this small area exists dozens of national and city landmarks, and canyons of skyscrapers, set on top of double and triple leveled streets, intersected and sharing space with el trains. It is the seat of government for the city of Chicago and Cook County.

Ride limited to 150 participants. Pre-registration is required.

Register for ride

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Portage ParkTour of Portage Park
Sunday May 20, 2012 at 1:00 PM
Portage Park at 4100 N Long, Chicago

Chicago Community area #15, Portage Park is a thriving residential community and neighborhood on Chicago's Northwest side just 9 miles from downtown. Annexed to Chicago in 1889, Portage Park offers the wonderful duality of city living and convenience with a real neighborhood-based residential community. The namesake park is one of the city's most beautiful, and several smaller parks dot the community. Filled with Chicago brick bungalows and 2-flats, homes in the area sit nestled comfortably amongst the schools, churches, and two main commercial districts of Six Corners and Belmont-Central, where Portage Park meets Belmont-Cragin. Riders will also get to examine fantastic buildings designed by legendary names such as Walter Burley Griffin, Dwight Perkins and Arthur Hussander.

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Summer 2012 Schedule

Irving ParkTour of Irving Park
Saturday June 2 at 11:00 AM
Horner Park at 2741 W Montrose in Chicago, IL

Irving Park, Chicago Community Area #16 sits 7 miles northwest of the Loop. Prior to being annexed to Chicago in 1889, the suburban communities that make up today's Irving Park Community Area fell outside the city's post-fire ban on wood-frame construction. The result is a community rich with some of the oldest surviving construction in the city. After Irving Park joined Chicago, the area experienced even greater prosperity spurring decades of significant architecture development creating one of the greatest built environments in all of Chicago. It features comfortably nestled neighborhoods such as the Villa, (a registered National and City Historic Landmark), Old Irving, Independence Park and Grayland. On the tour, we will take in beautiful works of architecture such as Dwight Perkins' Carl Schurz High School, the Henry V. Peters House by Walter Burley Griffin, St. Viator by Charles Wallace and dozens of other truly special buildings.

The tour is just shy of 17 miles. The ride is at a slow and relaxed pace and all riders must wear a helmet.

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Near West SideTour of Near West Side
Saturday May 12, 2012 at 11:00 AM
Union Park at 1501 W Randolph, Chicago

The Near West Side is Community Area #28, sitting 2 miles west of the Loop. The Community is home to a number of prominent Chicago neighborhoods including Greektown, the Fulton River District, University Village, Little Italy, Maxwell Street, Tri-Taylor, Illinois Medical Center, the West Loop, West Loop gate and United Center Park, all within less than 6 square miles. Much of this area was once part of the Hull House Neighborhood, named of course for America's first Settlement House. When Jane Adams arrived, much of the area surrounding Hull House were slums, but fifty years prior, wealthy inhabitants of the Union Park neighborhood sought to create one of the city's most exclusive neighborhoods in Chicago.

In addition to an exploration of the neighborhoods and tales of the history for the region, we will also get a chance to visit buildings designed by famed architects such as Hermann V. Von Holst, William LeBaron Jenney, Pond and Pond, Graham, Anderson, Probst and White, Hugh M. Garden and Holabird and Root.

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Liars RideLiar's Ride
Sunday April 1, 2012 at 6:00 PM
Meet in front of Ciclo Urbano at 2459 W Division, Chicago

The rules are different this time around. In case you have been on any of the previous 99 annual Liar's Rides, please review the new ground rules for this ride.


  • The ride is 1,000 miles and will take approximately 3 hours.
  • All riders must obey the speed limit.
  • All riders must ride a unicycle.
  • All riders must ride their unicycle backwards.
  • All riders must ride their unicycle both backwards and upside down while pedaling with their hands.
  • Riders that cannot pedal with their hands may instead use their tongues.
  • If a rider can pedal with their hands but prefers to pedal with their tongue, they must instead pedal with their nose.
  • All riders must ride clipped in.
  • There will be no stopping or resting on the ride.
  • All riders must stop at all stop signs and red lights.
  • Since all riders will be pedaling with their hands, tongues or nose, all riders must communicate in foot sign language.
  • All riders must communicate in foot sign language in German.
  • If any riders speak German, they must communicate in foot sign language in Portuguese.
  • If any riders speak German and Portuguese, they will be shot from a military-grade extra-large slingshot directly into the eastern-most Paseo Boricua Gateway Flag.
  • There is no speaking on the ride.
  • All riders must hold their breath for the duration of the ride.
  • There is no passing out.
  • Entry fee is one platinum bar.
  • Attendance is mandatory.

Here are the gory details as they exist:

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Route – Sorry, this is a closely guarded secret. Besides if you saw it, your eyes would leap from your skull in order to destroy themselves.

Rogers ParkTour of Rogers Park
Saturday April 21, 2012 at 11:00 AM
Warren Park at 6601 N Western, Chicago

Chicago Community Area #1, Rogers Park sits 9 miles north of the Loop. It was formerly land used by the Pottawatomi Nation and other indigenous people. Present day Ridge and Rogers Avenues were both former native trails and Rogers formed part of the Indian Boundary Line decreed in the 1816 Treaty of St. Louis. Named for the first non-native settler, Irish born Phillip Rogers, the area was initially used as farmland and was later developed by the likes of Rogers, who had 1600 acres of former government land to develop and scores of others that came to build and settle the small village south of Evanston and north of the city.

It is also home to inspiring architecture designed by such icons as Frank Lloyd Wright, Walter Burley Griffin, Andrew Rebori, Henry J. Schlacks and Clarence Hatzfeld. The streets of Rogers Park are likewise lined with amazing homes and apartments which may lack such heralded pedigree or historical significance, but make up for it in simple, utilitarian and enduring beauty. The area is rich in stories to hear, features to discover and is well-suited for exploration on two wheels.

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North ParkTour of North Park
Sunday March 25, 2012 at 1:00 PM
Peterson Park at 5801 N Pulaski, Chicago

North Park is Chicago Community Area #13 and sits just 9 miles northwest of the Loop. It is cradled between the two branches of the Chicago River, and is part of or immediately adjacent to some of the most developed and realized bike trails in the city. It is a quiet residential area, sharing parks, tree-lined streets and marvelous buildings with adjacent Albany Park, Forest Glen, Lincolnwood, Lincoln Square and West Ridge. It is the home of in-city Universities North Park College and Northeastern Illinois University and the north side's own Chicago Park District-run nature center on the grounds of a former Tuberculosis Sanitarium.

The area's modern history begins around 1855 when a small village was platted out of the newly formed Jefferson Township. As the area expanded in a series of population expansions it left behind a built history of stunning residences, schools, commercial, religious and civic buildings designed by the likes of Clarence Hatzfeld, Paul Gerhardt, Otis and Clark, Jarvis Hunt and John Krivanek. It is an ideal community for a bike tour passing through quiet neighborhood side streets, main commercial thoroughfares and along preserve and park trails.

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Jefferson ParkTour of Jefferson Park
March 10, 2012 at 11:00 AM
Jefferson Park at 4822 N Long, Chicago

Jefferson Park, Chicago Community Area #11 is 10 miles northwest of the Loop. Nicknamed, the “Gateway to Chicago”, farmers once came from far and wide to sell their goods in Jefferson, named to honor Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson's ideal location began as two Native American trails, grew to include the area's earliest toll plank roads, and was thereafter augmented by rail and commuter lines. Today the area has a population of over 40,000, a tremendous amount of green space, historical homes and buildings throughout, and a namesake park on the National Register of Historic Places.

Jefferson Park is home to Big Shoulders Realty's office and has been for the last five and a half years and an area that I have ridden over again and again, so one I know particularly well. There are numerous examples of utilitarian houses and buildings that are each exceptional and remarkable, but unheralded and un-pedigreed and consequently less known. These are exactly the areas that the average Chicagoan can find particularly interesting and worth exploring in depth. Hop on your bike to visit an extra and intra-urban experience that barely feels like Chicago at the same time that it typifies it.

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UptownTour of Forest Glen
Saturday February 11, 2012 at 11:00 AM
Indian Road Woods Forest Preserve on Central Avenue just north of Indian Road and a half-mile south of Caldwell Avenue, Chicago

Forest Glen is community area #12 and sits 10 miles northwest of downtown Chicago. Bordering the Northern border suburbs of Niles, Skokie and Lincolnwood, Forest Glen was a suburb itself until it was annexed by the city in 1889. The surrounding forest preserves, golf courses, parks, cemeteries, bike and hiking trails and beautiful homes of varying vintage and styles still preserves a suburban-community look and feel on the edge of the city.

Our tour takes on a circuitous route of the side streets, park district paths and main arteries of a northwest community that includes the neighborhoods of Edgebrook, Old Edgebrook, Sauganash, Wildwood and Forest Glen, the neighborhood within the same named Community Area. We'll get a chance to take in significant, but hidden architectural gems including works by Meyer and Cook, Clarence Hatzfeld and C. W. Lampe and Co. In all, the course is just over 17 miles and features stretches of peaceful bike trails through city parks and forest preserves. All riders must wear a helmet.

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EdgewaterTour Edgewater
Sunday January 21, 2012 at 1:00 PM
Emerson Park at 1820 W Granville, Chicago

Edgewater is one of the most densely packed areas for fantastic architecture, the community has a variety of neighborhoods filled with unique homes, places of worship, schools, civic and commercial buildings. There are building styles that stretch farther and wider than almost any other area can muster and there are exemplary works by the likes of Holabird and Roche, Dwight Perkins, Pont and Pond, Walter Burley Griffin, Henry Schlacks, William Carbys Zimmerman, and George Maher, and homegrown architects like Roy Knauer, John Pridmore, Edward Benson and Edmund Krause that helped build the Edgewater communities.

From beginnings as uninhabited brush, to early roots as a farmland, the area was first developed by a Philadelphia tobacco salesman named John Lewis Cochran who bought some farmland and began subdividing his lots in 1885. He named the area Edgewater, appropriate to its lakefront local, and developed much of the area. He is responsible for naming many of the streets and some of the homes in his five original developments are still standing and will be on the tour. Many other entrepreneurial developers contributed with their own developments, that along with Cochran's helped Edgewater become known for its neighborhoods. Edgewater Glen, Andersonville, Edgewater Beach, Lakewood-Balmoral and several other smaller neighborhoods and historic districts help make up this diverse Community.

The best way to take it all in is on a bike, and of course the best time to do it is in the middle of a Chicago winter. Won't you join us?

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