Architectural Styles

Brick Flat or Walk-Up

Brick Flat

Also known as: Brick Two-Flats, Three-Flats and Four-Flats

Chicago multi-family buildings were basically influenced by the dominant architectural style of the single family homes of the same era. Building styles overlapped by decades, but one can trace the style of the multi-unit homes through the history of Chicago by observing the dominant styles through the ages. Often, it appeared just as taller versions of the same style, from cottage to brick cottages, to greystones to brick walk-ups.

Brick flats, or two-, three-, or four-flats were dominant during the same time frame as the Chicago brick Bungalow, from the late 1900s to the early 1940s, and indeed, they are essentially one bungalow built atop another. From the details of the face brick fronts with limestone accents, to the details and woodwork within. Just as with bungalows, interiors were commonly separated in sides of public and private rooms. Interior details were typically representative of the Arts and Crafts styled interiors of bungalows, often featuring rich woodwork, including functional built-in cabinetry, bookshelves and pantries and even decorative elements such as leaded and stained glass.

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