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Restoration, Not RehabIt doesn’t take long for homebuyers to become experts at identifying the era of a rehab. The look and feel of a home is greatly marked by the age of the last “renovation.” The look and feel of a home has as much to do with a home as seemingly more important characteristics such as square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Needs for space and functionality often drive a home search, but decisions often come down to more emotional responses and aesthetic considerations.

During the run-up of interest in Real Estate over the past several years, there has been a tremendous amount of investment in properties by speculators and investors who often look to quickly renovate or rehab their property, and then “flip” it for a profit by quickly selling it at in inflated price. The result has been an overwhelming assault of sameness in property amenities and renovations. Too often, despite expensive materials like marble and stainless steel, the work is still shoddy and cheap, and the homogeny of design has left many of us looking for something different and authentic. It is no wonder that our experience has shown us time and again, that when faced with these options, it is often the vintage home with most of the original details that stands out in the minds of our clients. Even in complete conversions, we appreciate when care is taken to preserve original doors, trim and moldings, stained glass windows, a tiled bathroom, or a big farmhouse sink. By preserving these features, the richness and soulfulness of the home is maintained.

Restoration not Rehab is a business partnership between Big Shoulders Realty, LLC and Nathan McBride of McBride Company designed to help Chicagoans accurately restore and revive their own classic Chicago homes. This is based on a basic love and passion for older homes. Chicago is a city with an incredible architectural heritage. Chicago is a city full of beautiful homes built in a time where craftsmanship was more important than speed of delivery. Most importantly, Chicago is a city full of people who that want to preserve this history and live surrounded by it.

Restoration not Rehab services can range from light consulting and advising of materials or techniques, to full-on project management and contracting. Our partners and subcontractors in Restoration not Rehab are true artisans with a belief in restoration and preservation. We can work with you on your existing home, or help you from beginning to end. We can help you find the home, research its history, source materials, and contract all of the labor to accurately and affordably restore your home to its original glory, with all of the necessary modern conveniences intact.

Full services include full Real Estate brokerage assistance in the purchase of a classic Chicago home, a full report on the home and its history, an assessment of necessary changes and recommendations to properly restore and renovate the home, and complete contractor, labor, design and decoration services.

Our services are available ala carte, as well. We can assist you with a specific project, such as a period-bathroom renovation, or the repair of original stained glass windows and casings. We can also work with owners in stages to accomplish projects over the course of months and even years. If there is anything that timeless construction and the best of craftspeople have taught us, it is that the process is not a race.

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