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Carrie Weston has been a Realtor since 2002, where she arrived after a long stint in customer service. This background has served her well in a field full of “salesmen” who are seemingly more concerned with making a sale than how to best serve their clients’ needs. In an increasingly fractured and populated field, she realizes that good customer service is absolutely key to providing a great experience for her clients, and finds that it is a commodity that is becoming increasingly scarce. Buying and selling property can be an emotional, stressful process, but Carrie believes that with education and attention, it can be a smooth and enjoyable transaction.

Carrie first considered a career in real estate after buying her first two properties. She found the process so interesting that it was a bit of a let down when she found the places she bought, as that meant she would no longer spend her time looking out houses. House hunting seemed to be a natural outgrowth of her fascination with Chicago architecture and history that she’s had since she moved here in 1991—it’s a very active way to participate in our city’s living history. It’s also very fulfilling to help clients find the home that fits their wants/needs/dreams!

When she’s not out pounding the pavement looking for that perfect bungalow or loft, Carrie spends her time DJing both on the radio (WLUW 88.7) and out in the world at clubs/events/bars/festivals. She also loves to travel when she can. A big fan of language and linguistics, if she could have any superpower, it would be having the ability to speak any language. As it is, she speaks passable German, a little Spanish (entiende mas que habla), tourist French, and can say hi/bye/thanks/can I have another beer/where is the toilet in ten languages.

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